How to Stay Organized During the Holiday Season

How to Stay Organized During the Holiday Season

The holidays are stressful. There's shopping, decorating, and cooking to do—and it all has to be done before Christmas Eve rolls around. But if you're organized, you can easily finish your holiday projects on time and enjoy the season without all the stress. Here are some tips for staying organized this season:

Take inventory of what you have

Make a list of things you need to store and put them in a location where they’re easy for you to access.

If you have items that aren’t needed anymore, but still have value (such as books or clothes), consider donating them so someone else can re-use them instead of throwing them out!

Get a big enough container

A lot of people think that the bigger the container, the better. But this isn't always true. You need to make sure your container is big enough for all of the items that you need to store and not too big or small so that you can fit everything in it.

If possible, get a large wooden storage cabinet with a lid that seals tightly and sturdy enough to hold a couple of Christmas goodies. This will be useful for storing papers and other small items like pens and pencils.

Store things in order of how often you need them

If you're like me, I'm sure that most of your holiday cooking is done in the kitchen. But it doesn't have to be that way! Storing things in order of frequency of use will help keep your kitchen organized and efficient.

  • Store items that are used most often where you can easily reach them (such as spices).
  • Store items that are used less often elsewhere on the counter top or on a shelf away from where they're needed (like whisks).
  • Keep rarely used utensils out of sight so they don't clutter up other areas of your kitchen (like knives).

Create a gift-storage area.

One of the best ways to stay organized during the holiday season is by creating a gift-storage area. You can keep all of your gifts and wrapping materials in one place, including ribbons and bows, tissue paper, gift bags and tags. If you have a printer nearby that can print labels for your cards or envelopes (which will save time), this is even better!

You should also keep receipts from online purchases in one place so they're easy to find when needed—especially if there are multiple people using the same account on their computers or phones!

Create a useful organizational system

A container that's the right size with the right organizational system can help you finish holiday projects on time and feel less stressed while doing them.

To be successful, your container should be large enough to hold all of your items, but not so big that it takes up too much room in your home or office. The best containers also have small compartments that allow you to easily find what you need without taking up too much room at once. And because these days people are using their gadgets around the clock (and have tons of apps), having a place where they can go when they need time off-task is important!

 We hope that these tips have given you some great ideas for how to stay organized when it comes time for a holiday project. Having a plan is the first step, and then following it makes everything else easier!


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