Pantry Organization Tips and Ideas for a Clean Kitchen

Pantry Organization Tips and Ideas for a Clean Kitchen

Do you want a well-organized and clean pantry, but you don't know how to go about it? An organized and clean pantry can help you determine how much food you have or whether it's time to visit the grocery store.

Pantry cleaning can be tedious, especially when you have no idea how to clean and organize it. A good pantry should allow you to identify access quickly and retrieve and stack your food.

The good news is that you can use the following tips the next time you clean and organize your pantry.

  1. Start Afresh

Wherever you clean and organize, start with an empty pantry. An open pantry helps you estimate the available space, which comes in handy when you want to assign space to every food item.

Make sure you thoroughly clean the pantry before you put anything in it. This is the best time to check your stock's expiration dates. Get rid of any expired foodstuff.

Set aside any non-essential stuff, and if possible, put them farthest or highest on your pantry. It would be best if you always placed your staples within reach. You can also make use of stackable racks to help organize bottles and containers for more space and cleaner look.

  1. Label

Label your stuff well. Label every compartment, bin, and container.

Labels help you and anyone else to navigate the pantry space easily. You can use chalk to place tags.

  1. Use Clear Containers

Use transparent containers to store your supplies. Colored containers can mess with the visual outlook of the pantry and make it harder for you to identify your food.

Remove food from any space-intensive containers such as plastic wrappers and cardboard boxes. Transfer all dry foodstuffs into clean and clear containers.

Use transparent containers to help you know when you run out.

  1. Utilize Doors

Most pantry doors are made to store small food containers such as cans and bottles. Use pantry doors to store canned food, oils, and spices.

Ensure that the foods you store in the pantry doors are well contained and sealed to avoid spillage and breakage.

  1. Create A Kids Section

Set aside a kids' space in your pantry. Identify all the snacks and food items your kid/s uses and place them in the kid's space. The kids' section on your pantry should be easily accessible, at the fore of the pantry and on the lowest shelve.

  1. Categorize

Your lifestyle habits determine how you will categorize food in your pantry. Make space for every category on your list. Create slots and compartments in your pantry and label them if possible.

Create a space for food emergencies and stock napkins and toothpicks.

Create a third space for baking supplies. Baking supplies tend to be bulky and messy. This space will require regular cleaning and organization.

Your zones should fit your daily schedule. Create another zone for making quick coffee, breakfasts, and lunches.


Keeping your pantry clean shouldn't have to be a tedious task. Stick by our helpful tips and ideas to make your pantry functional and accessible. Remember that regular organization and cleaning is good practice.

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